John Wesley-Evangelist — is now online at Amazon in both the Kindle ebook and as a printed book. Information or copies of the book can be obtained from Heavenly Herald Books. Speaking arrangements from the author can be arranged through Heavenly Herald Books.

About The Book

We finds Wesley speaking to us. His Biblical teaching leads your thinking as it did to those in the Eighteenth-century. You can learn from him.

From the book you will see his concern for people needing Jesus Christ. You will explore how to apply his precepts to churches using modern means.

Le David Morris believes that Wesley’s message is universal. His methods can be copied by any size church. You will discover the passion Wesley developed for salvation through Christ!

Chapter 15 descloses an element of growing churches. You will find the secret is plain as offering the gospel message from a Wesleyan approach to ministry and mission. You will uncover how one basic concept can change a declining church to a growing church.

Morris is a retired business consultant, teacher and United Methodist minister from the Memphis Annual Conference.

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I wrote the paper on John Wesley – Evangelist that you find on this site about eleven years ago while attending Advanced Studies at The School of Theology at the University of the South focusing on the theology of john Wesley. I decided to publish it to this John Wesley9web site recently. The original document contained researched footnotes. I have substituted parenthetical abreviations in lieu of the footnotes to conserve both time and space. Additionally, I did post graduate work in evangelism at Memphis Theological Seminary and summer studies at Duke University under the direction of David Lowes Watson. I participated in an ongoing study of the theology of John Wesley for several years with the former Evangelical fellowship of the Memphis Annual Conference.  I am a retired United Methodist Minister in the Memphis Annual Conference. I am a member of the National Association of United Methodist Evangelists. I  write and maintain several web sites to keep my mind active. I also retired from teaching and designing and decorating t-shirts. One of my other web sites deal with the t-shirt business. I am fascinated with Chiang Mai, Thailand I lived in Thailand for a year earlier in my life.

Le David Morris – Publisher and Editor